Mahesh refused Devisri, wants Thaman

Now coming to music department of Mahesh-Vaitla’s film, earlier, Devisri Prasad’s name had been linked with this project. But the latest buzz around is that Thaman has been chosen in place of Devisri. Reason, Devisri demanding more time and remuneration, therefore Mahesh refused him. Although Devisri-Vaitla combo has in the past created magnificent hits like ‘Aanandam’ ‘Venky’, ‘Ready’, ‘King’ and ‘Namo Venkatesa’, Mahesh, with quite a few films under his belt, seems to be very strict this time in choosing the technicians since he is desperate to complete his films as quickly as possible. Hence he chose Thaman despite having just one film to his credit and that is ‘Kick’. However, Thaman is also composing tunes for NTR’s ‘Brindaavanam.

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